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I think they are the same height if 2B takes her heels off right? permalink embed save parent give award I posted on steam asking whether 2B is a giant robot or 9S is child robot. Then I Googled “2B” (literally just that) and there’s a whole page with stats and

Top responsesThe size of 9S in this art bothers me almost as much as the lack of 2B and A2’s beauty marks. Gives me conniptions.5 votesCredits: Charleian2 votes查看全部

31/3/2017 · 2B – Bust: 84cm Waist: 56cm Hip: 88cm Height: 168cm Weight: 148.8kg A2 – Bust: 73cm Waist: 54cm Hip: 82cm Height: 168cm Weight: 139.2kg

Top responsesIf the androids really weigh that much how can she so easily jump so high or ride the animals without breaking their backs? Because she is an android and animals in  read more13 votesYou seem to be seriously overestimating how much 148 kilos is. There’s people alive this heavy. Not so many, and they’re all a LOT bigger than 2B, but they  read more6 votesMachine lifeforms may actually be superior to conventional androids. Making YoRHa androids superior as well. YoRHa itself doesn’t understand black  read more1 voteOkay, they only weight around 330 pounds (2B specifically), and do you see 330 pound people just shaking the ground around them when they move? They  read more1 voteAs this is a spoiler-thread I suppose I don’t have to use the spoiler-tag? If I should use it regardless, please leave a comment and don’t read on. Route C/D  read more1 vote查看全部

8/5/2017 · 9S獻給他唯一的寶物2B 追悼2B的支線劇情 9S的決心已定了 沒有2B的世界 他的世界是不完整 曾經說過 9S: 機械是不會痛苦的吧(你不是機械嗎 現在的你不痛苦嗎?)

作者: 莫里

9S was assigned for maintance for 2B’s boot sequence. He becomes 2B’s partner and follows her to take care of the missions on Earth. Trivia

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General Information

Height change Romance Secretly a writing exercise idk what im doing anymore I’m Bad At Summaries I’m Bad At Tagging Summary 2B and 9S were supposed to be having a day off, it was supposed to be peaceful; perhaps fish. Enjoy a single day off the

HEIGHT-59.5 AGE: 25 AGE: 29 185 LBS 216 LBS 9S 2B E6 A2 16: @LEOTORS-PRODUCTION 5S 2B :L E5 5 G8 Al